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SETUP Mikrotik QOS - proxy- MIDDLE - (Direct Download) 2015

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The purpose of this page is to give them the tools so they can learn Mikrotik, this page is not a reference as the other pages, is not just a copy paste, but is aimed at people who want to learn from scratch using the software MIKROTIK.

In short we are teaching from scratch so that you can set up your Mikrotik same freely and not be looking for direct answers. But you create their own custom solution that you want.

Codigo Mangle

In this example we set connection and mark packets is the correct form of a QoSthat there is a way to work packet-level mark but for 2 reasons.
1. low processor usage.
2. re-use connection tracking.
QoS plan the work in this way:

1.- PRIO1 : ICMP ,UDP53
2.- PRIO2 : UDP 5060-5061 | TCP 1863,5190,777 | 10000-20000 (VozIP)
3.- PRIO3 : TCP 80,443,8000-9000
4.- PRIO4 : TCP 25,110,143,3389,1723,21-23
5.- PRIO5 : REST
6.- PRIO7 : Shock or that the connection wires pass over 50 MB
8.- PRIO8 : P2P

Paste queue type
Qdiscs use the Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ) for the through traffic for QoS is also equalized

queue type
Finally we add the rules that will make our QoS is a wonder this example is made to an Internet line, there are many ways of doing this it is how QoS for physical interfaces is highly recommended using virtual interfaces Soon subire Global IN - Global OUT.

If you are using PC and this enabled webproxy and want to have full cache then you should add the following lines to every case we are assuming that:

ether5 = Local

This fault on whether the case is webproxy mikrotik / ip firewall mangle

This fault in the case is whether parental with squid / ip firewall mangle 

This fault on whether the case is parallel with proxy (use forward) / ip firewall mangle

ip firewall mangle

queue tree 

queue tree

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